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Almost all Metro Manila cities dump their trash in that watershed area.
A memory dump is a copy or a snapshot of the contents of a system's memory at the point of a system crash.
Instead, the government surprised us by offering to dump Lebanon's garbage amid our villages," said Rawad Ghattas, an activist from the "Akkar is not a Dump" movement.
GREEN DOT General Director Kyirakos Parpounas yesterday expressed his satisfaction over the move by Nicosia Municipality to ban the dumping of a long list of materials at Kotsiatis refuse dump.
These figures are generally more crudely formed in dumps than in their posher cousins, the clear glass sulphide paperweights.
In Bhopal, action groups have demanded that Dow Chemical--with whom Union Carbide merged in 2001--pay for the cleanup of toxic dumps at the closed Union Carbide plant.
Tiffs political control was especially rigid at garbage dumps, where pepenadores worked almost like serfs.
Soil from the dumps had much higher concentrations of the dioxins and furans than the other sites did.
A government source said: "It is a disgrace that these cowboys are making millions from illegal dumps.
It's built to withstand 500 ft-lb of impact at -40 F and to handle boulders and chunks of concrete in payload weights similar to an all-steel dump body.
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For property owners, a nearby dry cleaner or other small business that dumps chemicals down the drain can spell disaster if the pollutants make their way into the groundwater, fouling drinking water wells.