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DUNG. Manure. Sometimes it is real estate, and at other times personal property. When collected in a heap, it is personal estate; when spread out on the land, it becomes incorporated in it, and it is then real estate. Vide Manure.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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This alternative is beneficial in many ways as when these idols will be immersed in the water bodies, it will help in purifying the water as cow dung contains oxygen," he added.
From January to August 2017 individuals of these two species were collected directly from cattle dung on a ranch in Tizimin municipality, in the state of Yucatan, Mexico (21[degrees]15'8.44" N - 88[degrees]6' 4.65'' W).
During a press conference following a closed regular cabinet meeting, Dung said that the Law on Sports allowed Vietnam to host international sports events, including the F1 race.
Crescencio Pacalso has approved a call for an independent investigation into allegations that a portion of parking fees collected from chicken dung traders in Tublay town are being diverted to members of the provincial board.
After you understand the life cycle of dung beetles in your area, you'll be able to calculate when to send your chickens out to pasture.
A dung beetle inhabiting the Malaysian island of Langkawi prefers the faeces of an omnivorous long-tailed macaque, and is active only in forest areas, even though they can find the primate dung in other areas, according to research recently published in the journal Tropical Agricultural Science.
Urine from the animals should also be collected and added to the dung before putting it in the digester as urine has high nitrogen content.The volume of digested slurry is about twice as much as that of fresh dung due to the water dilution factor at a ratio of 1:1, water to animal dung.
The dung beetles taxonomic accounts, diversity and distribution have been studied for their significance in biodiversity conservation and environmental protection assessment.
The Dung Quat refinery refines about 6.5 million tons of oil per year.
Kisan Morcha ( the farmers' body of the BJP) chief has come up with a novel proposal to stop cattle culling: make cattle dung a profitable source of income for farmers.
No-one is up in arms trying to save the dung beetle."