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To add a trading partner, a company simply sends an IP address and basic contact information of the partner and Slam Dunk does the rest with no added cost or implementation concerns for the new partner.
Shirley Johnson examined the zodiac and revealed: "The survey indicates that George Clooney is the most popular hunk to dunk with.
To guarantee delivery of one -- and only one -- transaction, Slam Dunk encrypts and routes transaction messages along multiple paths on different network backbones and makes two copies of each message along the way, making it virtually impossible to ever lose a message.
As a larger than life symbol of our partnership, Slam Dunk One will further our efforts in providing unique fan and customer experiences and a new means of enriching our communities with special outreach programs.
Charles Barkley wasn't quite as impressed as those who appreciated the dunk for its impressive presentation.
The drugs were worth around PS168 and Dunk claimed they were only for his personal use, but when the mobile phones were examined "they showed a rather different picture", Christopher Jackson, prosecuting, told Leeds Crown Court (pictured).
Ask him about his dunk over Moore or any others this season and he grows sheepish, smiling and polite but self-conscious and uncomfortable about his exploits.
It will be launched at the opening when, instead of toasting the show with champagne, the Mayor of Worcester, Coun Andy Roberts, will ceremonially dunk a Worcester Feast Dunker in a mug of tea.
I was brought up to think that nice girls don't dunk, not in public anyway.
PHOENIX -- The world famous Harlem Globetrotters held their sixth annual player draft today, selecting 2012 College Slam Dunk Champion James Justice of Martin Methodist College, three-time Olympic gold medalist Usain Bolt,and Iesha Davis, sister of likely #1 overall NBA Draft pick Anthony Davis.
DeAndre Jordan may have had the best dunk of 2013 on Sunday night in the Los Angeles Clippers game against the Detroit Pistons.