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That was taking it to the next level -- the evolution of the dunk. And then in the All-Star game in 2000, Vince Carter took off with two hands from the free-throw line.
Although health issues are nothing new, today's workforce is fast becoming the "working diseased," Dunk says.
Brighton-born Dunk also believes that playing against the very best week-in and week-out in the Premier League has made him a better player and one who feels comfortable bringing the ball out of defence.
"That was the quickest I moved all game I think," laughed Dunk, who also joined in some celebratory, post-match dancing with Yves Bissouma.
There are no All-Stars in the 2019 Slam Dunk Contest.
I was so ecstatic and happy for him because he always does all these dunks in practice, he says he's going to dunk on somebody, this and that.
Dunk looks to be an ideal partner for Evans, at 6ft 4in Dunk is even taller than McAuley.
Huddersfield coroner Mary Burke said she was satisfied that Mr Dunk, of Pingle Rise, had an intention to take his own life when he entered the tunnel near to Denby Dale railway station sometime after he was reported as missing on October 29 last year and recorded a verdict of suicide.
SLURP FACTOR: 2/5 Bourbon Creams (200g), 55p, Sainsbury's FIVE SECONDS: | Slam dunk, hit the bottom of the cup.
"King of the Dunk" Philippe Kalkwarf will be showcasing his South African biscuits and believes they can be dunked for at least 42 seconds.
The lead was back down to four when Harris and Wright hooked for their second alley-oop dunk and Harris poked the ball away from Phil Pressey, dove for the loose ball to grab it from Olynyk and threw a pass from the floor to Nowitzki running ahead of everyone for another dunk and a 74-66 lead.
Jordan Ramos became a teen sensation when he broke the Guinness World Record at just 13 for the longest slam dunk from a trampoline.