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At the McDonald's All-America game, Green dunked after putting the ball between his legs, after throwing the ball off the shot clock, after jumping from the foul line and while putting his arm through the rim.
My crush was dunking me at the pool, so I dunked him.
He dunked the summer before his senior year of high school when only 1.
I field stripped the pistol into its components -- slide, frame, barrel and spring -- and dunked them one at a time in Dunk-Kit.
Bristol University has been conducting an investigation into what happens when a biscuit is dunked in tea or coffee.
BISCUITS should be dunked at an angle when your tea or coffee is at 80 degrees C.
A former dunk champion in the collegiate ranks, the 6-foot-3 Guevarra was fluidity in motion and dunked with a lot of authority, scoring the first perfect dunk of the night when he took off from the baseline with very little acceleration and flushed it home after moving the ball between his legs.