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Skywalkers are players who add their own artistic flair to dunking such as Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers and Steve Francis of the Houston Rockets.
But wait, the type of biscuit we use plays an important part and, would you believe, there is even a list of award-winning dunking biscuits.
Seen by the world, the basketball dunking Skullman image on Tie Dye uniforms, worn by the 1992 Lithuanian Men's Olympic Basketball Team, became a househould icon and part of sports history during the 1992 Barcelona Summer Olympics.
Bulawan entered the finals after dunking on a sitting Gabayni for 29 points while Haruna jumped over a standing JR Ongteco to forge a dunkoff.
They have enjoyed his remarkable leaping and dunking abilities, but they also like the way he plays with energy with the Bench Mob, the team's second unit.
In tests, the sweet treat routinely achieved a dunking time of one minute, although dunks of up to one minute 17 seconds have been recorded.
And Marks & Spencer have come up with the ultimate biscuit for dunking, according to a specialist website.
WHEN exactly did the dunking of biscuits become socially acceptable?
A formula for dunking biscuits in tea that avoids soaking chunks dropping into the cuppa was disclosed yesterday by British scientists.
James Justice is a dunking dynamo in the mold of many great Globetrotter dunkers, Iesha Davis has a great bloodline, and how can you go wrong with the world's fastest human?
He said that he might try again next year to snag the dunking champion trophy.
I just like dunking a lot because it gets me energized,'' Phillips said.