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Shaq has actually broken basketball backboards when dunking the ball.
Lithuanian Slam Dunking Skeleton [R] created by Greg Speirs, [c] 1992 by Greg Speirs
In tests, the sweet treat routinely achieved a dunking time of one minute, although dunks of up to one minute 17 seconds have been recorded.
Now, however, dunking is in the mainstream and one of Britain's poshest shops -- Waitrose, no less -- has declared its verdict on the best and the worst biscuits to dunk.
com gave chocolate chip Dunking Cookies the thumbs up.
The dunk contest has been a hotbed from which the Trotters have found many of their past and current dunking artists.
Now the firm is considering printing correct dunking times on packaging.
EXPERTS have solved the age-old question of which biscuit is the best for dunking in a cuppa.
IN an easy-to-open pack and perfect-sized for dunking.