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On Facebook West Yorkshire Police said: "Even celebrities get duped online
He added that Jamaal left for Saudi two months ago and upon reaching there, he found out that he had been duped.
He then, married a girl from an NRI family and married her and duped them of $ 30,000 ( approx ` 20 lakh) after 20 days of marriage.
Muscat: Two Omani businessmen allegedly duped by an Indian in Saham are expecting that they will be liable for more money than initially estimated.
Investigations quickly revealed that Conti and Globo had been duped, the article was withdrawn and replaced by an apology stating: "Mario Sergio Conti apologises to Scolari and our readers for the confusion.
Political commentator Erick Erickson hopes that voters in other states won't be duped the way the people of Utah have been duped by Orrin Hatch.
In what appeared to be well-carried out act, a Psy look-alike duped the media and celebrities at the Cannes Film Festival 2013 as he kept posing as the super hit singer.
Narayanan said that there was need for more to be done for the thousands of investors duped by Saradha Group's Ponzi scheme.
Summary: The nurse who was duped by a prank call to the hospital treating the pregnant Duchess of Cambridge was found hanging.
US officials said they shut down a series of so-called tech support scams, mostly operating from India, which duped consumers into paying to clean their computers of bogus virus infections.
The 84-year-old had his life's savings withdrawn from the bank in Walsgrave Road after he was duped into thinking his card had been swallowed by a cash machine.
A swindling pensioner who duped tens of thousands of investors running up an Internet-based Ponzi scheme has been caged.