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Kumar added that Singh was involved in number of cases and cops would interrogate him to ascertain exact number of involvements in duping persons.
A fix has since been implemented for the gold duping issue, but the Auction Houses are still disabled.
These criminals are out there, duping the innocent public all the time.
UBS AG (NYSE: UBS) is being sued in Hong Kong for allegedly duping a customer.
INTERNATIONAL scam artists are duping homeowners out of thousands of pounds on the promise of a large return on their investment.
He was once accused of duping the Maritime Voluntary Service charity into backing an anti-terror scheme, nicknamed Dad's Navy.
Yesterday Danielle Rose, aged 50, who has since swapped their mansion in Hadley Wood, Barnet, north London, for a more modest property in nearby North Southgate, admitted one count of duping investors contrary to the Financial Services Act
Last night, Tony Blair faced charges of duping MPs into voting for war by concealing the assessment.