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Sajid Ali of Khan Da Kot village alleged that the suspects were duping the farmers by getting their signatures on some forms favouring construction of a drain from the mills to the local nullah.
"Imran has been duping the public for the past four years," he said."The judiciary's verdict to oust me has hampered development of the country," he added.
Dubai: In its September 21 exposAaAaAeA@ on the masterminds of trading scam XPRESS had raised a red flag by publishing the initials of eight suspect firms and saying they were preparing to run away after duping business establishments in the UAE.
MAROUANE CHAMAKH has angrily accused Sam Allardyce of "duping" him into joining West Ham.
TWO people have been arrested on suspicion of duping an elderly man out of his life's savings following an appeal in the Telegraph.
UBS AG (NYSE: UBS) is being sued in Hong Kong for allegedly duping a customer.
INTERNATIONAL scam artists are duping homeowners out of thousands of pounds on the promise of a large return on their investment.
He was once accused of duping the Maritime Voluntary Service charity into backing an anti-terror scheme, nicknamed Dad's Navy.
Last night, Tony Blair faced charges of duping MPs into voting for war by concealing the assessment.
Supporters said they were concerned his offence was part of a set-up by a wide network in which a gang was busy duping people into carrying drugs.
Some may bilk their own clients, like their unsophisticated fore-bears, but most now concentrate on fleecing taxpayers (the wage-earning sort), duping Congress, and ambushing their competitors' clients.
Summary: Dindori (Madhya Pradesh) [India], Aug 1 (ANI): A local resident accused a Congress functionary of allegedly duping him on the pretext of allocating a ticket to contest elections during last year's assembly polls.