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Here's the reason: when they sold the purple duplex they used the $40,000 which they received to pay off the mortgage on the duplex, and when they bought their New Property they only needed a new mortgage of $30,000 for the purchase.
Like all Network Instruments products, the 10/100 Full Duplex Probe is designed utilizing the company's Distributed Network Analysis (NI-DNA(TM)) architecture.
The Xerox 495 Continuous Feed Duplex Printer is immediately available in North America, Europe and developing markets through Xerox sales representatives at a list price of U.
Deputy Eric Eitner testified that he went to the Lancaster duplex in the 1100 block of West Avenue H-14 about 12:30 a.
In this configuration, the system can realize the performance potential of the Fibre Channel full duplex capability.
The half duplex version is often compared to a good quality speaker phone where each user takes turns listening and speaking.
The man knocked over furniture, then tripped over the weight-lifting equipment of a young man who lives in the duplex, Dino said.
The Medusa Labs report also commented that, "Although we did not test over distance, the 32 credits (per port) standard on the Vixel switch should give it performance advantages over long distances," and that "Full Duplex performance exhibited good numbers in small to large I/O.
We're very excited, although not surprised, by the unbelievably strong response to this truly one-of-a-kind property," said Pecorella, who noted that of the 50 units, 39 contain one- or two-bedrooms, including eleven duplex layouts.
Santino ``Sonny'' Casio is suspected of shooting Evelyn Brenda Cendejas, his girlfriend, in the face with a shotgun after an argument in the Lancaster duplex where they stayed after she ran away from her family's home, officials said.
TWINSBURG, Ohio -- A new report by a noted metallurgist finds that process engineers should specify duplex 2205 stainless steel for process equipment instead of 316L stainless steel.
She rushed inside the duplex, which is attached to the garage, to grab her toddler daughter and then ran out, asking neighbors to call 911.