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Water depletion is known to stabilize a GQ (and destabilize duplex DNAs) [29, 30].
While p[y.sup.8]A decreased the stability of duplex DNAs, it markedly elevated the thermal stability of the tetramolecular structures, assumingly, due to a prevalent glycosidic syn conformation [43, 45].
We have reformulated the definition described for duplex DNAs to be suitable for GQs as well: two or more lesions within a four-stranded, two- or three-tetrad core GQ unit consisting of up to 21 nucleotides in the core.
This indicates that poly A*T base pairing in duplex DNA is affected by the presence of 3 in Sequence 1, but not in Sequence 2, suggesting a sequence dependent effect on duplex structure by the presence of a single 3.
In duplex DNA, the presence of 3 causes the characteristic poly A*T shoulder to be lost in the CD spectra of 1D, but maintained in 2D.If 3 affects base-pairing interactions in both the 5 and 3 directions, it is expected that both duplex constructs of Sequences 1 and 2 containing 3 would lose the poly A*T shoulder in the CD spectra.
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