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To see which ones are duplicated, we will create a query that shows us which combinations occur more than once.
This step is used for grouping the records that are most likely to be duplicated based on the similarity of block-token-key.
Dashboards with real-time roll ups of actual project activities are important in eliminating waste due to misinformation and duplicated tasks.
The duplicated loss regulations prevent the consolidated group from recognizing a loss on the sale of the preferred stock (because S remains a member of the consolidated group), by allocating basis away from the preferred stock to the common shares, leaving basis in the preferred stock equal to its FMV Thus, the $30 loss inherent in the preferred stock is shifted to the common stock, and P recognizes no gain or loss on the preferred stock sale.
This month, a team led by Haoyi Wang of Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, elegantly dissects the conservation of one cluster of highly duplicated genes across the two species.
It will make these duplicated LUNs accessible by the file sys tem.
These characteristics can be duplicated by using orthotropic material matrix theory.
A signal from the original system replaces the missing section and drives the duplicated fragment.
The final model is then sectioned, machined and all the interior parts duplicated before being laminated together.
It generally eliminates gains and losses on preferred stock and equalizes gains and losses on common stock, but may not necessarily eliminate all duplicated losses.