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When smaller quantities of CD duplicates are required, when content is sensitive, or when time is of the essence, the SDS series offers an accurate and simple duplication alternative.
Because duplications and deletions involve larger swaths of DNA than SNPs do, their influence on human evolution may also be bigger.
Duplication, repetition et dualite dans les strategies de composition.
Duplications of the lower urinary tract in children.
To understand the pattern and rate of genomic duplication during evolution, the researchers constructed a map of segmental duplications for four primate genomes: macaque, orangutan, chimpanzee, and human.
As both the Fund and the Bank now assist the same clients, certain duplications and overlaps cannot be totally avoided.
The series is truncated to a polynomial of fixed degree; the higher the degree, the fewer duplications are needed for a desired accuracy of the result but the larger the number of terms to be calculated.
When Congress enacted the corporate AMT rules in 1986, it included an adjustment based on 50% of the difference between adjusted net book income and alternative minimum taxable income; it also included a provision to account for omissions and duplications in book income.
Since 1966, the consolidated return regulations have adjusted the basis of consolidated subsidiary ("S") stock to reflect S's earnings and profits and distributions in order to reduce duplications of gain or loss when a member of the consolidated group ("P") sells its S stock.
In the study, published in Human Molecular Genetics, researchers identified 18 individuals with duplications of the long arm of chromosome 22 distal (nearer to the end of the chromosome) to the DiGeorge/velocardiofacial syndrome region in almost 20,000 individuals with unexplained mental retardation and congenital anomalies referred to the laboratory for microarray testing.