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Urbandale, IA, September 22, 2018 --(PR.com)-- Duplication Media, a video duplication and transfer service company in Urbandale, Iowa, is celebrating its 15th Anniversary this September.
Continued evaluation of the infant throughout development will provide further clarification of the clinical significance and prognosis of these two simultaneous duplications.
Since its recent discovery in 1999 [1], 22q11.2 duplication syndrome has been found to be associated with a highly variable neuropsychiatric phenotype, including learning disability [2], intellectual disability (ID), and, most recently, autism spectrum disorder (ASD) [3-5].
"Those with duplications are born with smaller brains and tend to have lower body weight and developmental delays."
More than half of all colonic duplications are cystic and have very different attributes from the tubular colorectal duplications, as they do not communicate with the adjacent lumen.
Incomplete duplications may not require surgical interventions if the patient remains asymptomatic (2, 6).
Gastric foregut duplication cyst is a rare disease of the upper gastrointestinal system tract and constitutes 2%-4% of the gastrointestinal system duplications (1).
In 1937, Ladd defined "alimentary tract duplications" as congenital malformations that involve the mesenteric side of alimentary tract and share a common blood supply with the native bowel.
The evolution of gene duplications: Classifying and distinguishing between models.
Alimentary tract duplications in infancy and childhood.