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Axalta said it has offerings complementary to those served by Dura Coat, including global brands Alesta and Abcite powder coatings, AquaEC electrocoat products, and Imron Industrial coatings which each serves customers in the construction, architectural, and general industrial sectors.
All of us at Dura Coat are excited about the opportunity to become a part of the Axalta family, explained Dr.
Synthecel dura repair is composed of naturally formed biosynthesized cellulose and water and is indicated for use as a dura replacement for the repair of dura mater in adults.
With a thickness similar to human dura Synthecel Dura Repair is designed with a unique construction of non-woven, interconnected cellulose fibers that conform to the contours of the brain.
Established in the Middle East five years ago, Dura has already supplied its well established Dura Decking Composite to major schools, hotels and shopping malls in the region, while up-coming venues include highly focal areas around the Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall.
The middle fossa dura could have been damaged by the drill, and this might have caused both the indentation of the dura and the hemorrhage responsible for the formation of the cholesterol granuloma.
At age 14, Hayashi underwent brain tumor surgery during which doctors used the German dura mater.
The ministry first approved imports of dura mater from Germany in 1973.
28 June 2016 - US-based liquid and powder coatings supplier Axalta Coating Systems (NYSE: AXTA) has agreed to acquire US-based metal coil coatings maker Dura Coat Products, the company said.
Leuliette added: "During the past year, DURA completed one of the most comprehensive business restructurings in the automotive industry.
DURA recently announced a comprehensive restructuring into four global product line divisions from seven regional business units, in order to further enhance its efficiency and ability to compete as one global company.
With its emergence from Chapter 11, DURA accomplished one of the most comprehensive business restructurings in the automotive industry.