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Loads derived using fully analytical methods are used for relative durability calculations to select design alternatives or investigate component change effects.
The Land, Infrastructure and Transport Ministry conducted three kinds of collision tests and assessed durability of each cars by the number of stars.
Dr Roisin Hopkins, manager of vehicle development engineering at MIRA, said: "We already had durability cycles for North America and for Europe but these were not suitable for conditions in China.
That project will cover durability, economics and long-term environmental impact.
If firms allow Cournot behavior (v = 0), durability depends upon the number of firms (market structure) and differs from the socially efficient level since [Delta] [is not equal to] 0.
Factors to look for in judging durability are scratch-resistance, impact-resistance, degree of liquid absorption, and strength of construction--for example, the tendency of some furniture to loosen its joints and rack, or lean to one side or the other.
The fe-safe durability simulation suite is also formulated by the company for predicting product durability.
30 Aged Tire Durability Task Group: Effects of dynamic laboratory aging.
According to the results of the study, the steel tanks are good for "up to 20 years," which means that they meet the California Air Resource Board (CARB) 15-year durability requirement.
BASF sells both the chemicals and the patented foam process technique that is said to enhance the durability and haptic (comfort) properties of the new foam.
Engineering Research Laboratories (HERL),VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System, conducted a study to compare the durability, value, and reliability of various brands of power wheelchairs.