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One of the big problems in the application of concrete decorations in cold areas is their low durability in freezing and melting cycles.
British product durability analysis company Safe Technology Ltd has been purchased by the French 3D design firm Dassault Systemes.
Understanding and improving the durability of textiles.
Durability Director delivers a highly tailored, customizable and process-oriented environment for efficiently managing durability analyses
Bodycote Testing Group's Polymers division has established an environmental and durability testing centre at its Nuneaton laboratory.
Xtend 840 is a semi-permanent mold release said to provide gloss and durability to RTM operations.
Designer and manufacturer of aircraft engines Pratt & Whitney, a business unit of United Technologies Corp (NYSE: UTX), and Kalitta Air announced on Tuesday (19 February) that the companies have signed an agreement to upgrade the airline's fleet of JT9D engines with Pratt & Whitney durability kits.
Durability of building and construction sealants and adhesives; proceedings.
Testing will begin later this year to determine whether the battery technology will meet GM's durability, performance and power requirements, with the project wrapping up at the end of 2007.
Tokyo, Japan, Dec 27, 2005 - (JCN) - Toray announced on December 26 that it has developed an innovative technology to improve the durability of photocatalytic coating agents using fullerene, an allotrope of carbon, in collaboration with Riken.
The Knowledge Foundation Technology Commercialization Alliance (KFTCA) will host its international Fuel Cells Durability symposium, the theme of which is "Real-world Solutions to the Most Significant Challenge Facing Fuel Cell Commercialization," on December 8 and 9 at the Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington, DC.
The result is a tape cartridge with vastly improved magnetic performance and enhanced durability to handle the demands of Quantum's SDLTtape 600 drive technology.