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This reduced sensitivity of durable goods spending to interest rates may be an important consideration for policymakers.
Consumer durable financing lost sheen post the financial crisis of 2008 when big firms like Citi and GE Money chose to exit the business, as sectors like consumer durables, personal loans and credit cards represented unsecured lending and thereby risk of higher deliquencies.
One reason why durable consumption leads GDP may be the size of durable goods.
A travers la LFDD, le gouvernement federal exprime une volonte politique de s'engager sur la voie du developpement durable en guidant et en contraignant l'administration publique en cette matiere.
According to Gfk, the top five consumer durable products for Christmas 2006 will be: mobile phones, with expected monthly sales of over 3m units in December 2006, and an estimated spending of GBP167m; satellite navigation units, with estimated spending of over GBP80m, compared to GBP50m in 2005, and over 200,000 units sold; laptops, with estimated spending of GBP200m, compared to GBP177m in December 2005, and 300,000 units sold; MP3 players, with estimated sales of approximately 1m; as well as shavers.
Biddle says that during the last 10 years, MBA has worked with government agencies, trade organizations and various industries "to provide a better home for the plastics from end-of-life durable products and to provide the manufacturers with 'green' materials for their new products," helping to create more sustainable manufacturing in the automotive, appliance, computer and business equipment and electronics industries.
We have doubled our manufacturing capacity, adding a new factory to cope with the demand for durable casegoods, tables and table tops that share the low-maintenance qualities of our seating.
This commitment problem and its associated impact on imperfectly competitive durable goods manufacturers is commonly referred to as the Coase conjecture.
While a durable power of attorney allows for continuity of management and safeguarding the principal's assets in the event of incapacity, it can also be particularly useful for estate and other tax planning purposes.
Two important issues that must be considered when executing a durable power of attorney relate to (1) the selection of the agent and (2) the specific powers granted.
Durable consumer goods imports grew 158 percent from 1999 to 2000.