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(155) Canada, PL C-474, Loi exigeant l'elaboration et la mise en oeuvre d une strategie nationale de developpement durable, la communication des progres accomplis en fonction d'indicateurs environnementaux preetablis, la nomination d'un commissaire a l'environnement et au developpement durable independant et responsable devant le Parlement, adoptant des objectifs precis en matiere de developpement durable au Canada et modifiant une autre loi en consequence, 2e sess, 39e leg, 2007, (premiere lecture le 13 novembre 2007), en ligne : <http://www2.
According to Gfk, the top five consumer durable products for Christmas 2006 will be: mobile phones, with expected monthly sales of over 3m units in December 2006, and an estimated spending of GBP167m; satellite navigation units, with estimated spending of over GBP80m, compared to GBP50m in 2005, and over 200,000 units sold; laptops, with estimated spending of GBP200m, compared to GBP177m in December 2005, and 300,000 units sold; MP3 players, with estimated sales of approximately 1m; as well as shavers.
Biddle says that during the last 10 years, MBA has worked with government agencies, trade organizations and various industries "to provide a better home for the plastics from end-of-life durable products and to provide the manufacturers with 'green' materials for their new products," helping to create more sustainable manufacturing in the automotive, appliance, computer and business equipment and electronics industries.
PPSF (polyphenylsulfone) is extremely durable and remains strong at high temperatures.
"recent work by Bulow [1982] and Stokey [1981] demonstrates that the monopoly sellers of a perfectly durable good face special problems not found with nondurable goods."
Le rapport national de 2019 a ete elabore dans le cadre de la mise en oeuvre de l'Agenda du developpement durable pour l'annee 2030 et la presentation des rapports periodiques refletant l'avancement dans la realisation de ses 17 objectifs et ses 169 sous-objectifs.
In the EU28, industrial producer prices rose by 17.1% in the energy sector, by 3.0% for intermediate goods, by 1.5% for durable consumer goods, by 1.3% for capital goods and by 0.3% for non-durable consumer goods.
the 0.4% increase is due to rises of 1.2% in the energy sector, of 0.4% for intermediate goods and of 0.1% for capital goods, durable and non-durable consumer goods.
Le Maroc s'est engage sur la voie du developpement durable en adherant, des 1992, a l'Agenda 21 adopte la meme annee par la Conference des Nations Unies pour l'Environnement et le Developpement Durable, a Rio de Janeiro.
"We are excited to partner with Armor to deliver our customers an extensive portfolio of recognized film/thermal transfer solutions for durable goods labeling," says Kim Hensley, marketing manager, Mactac Performance Adhesives.
"Our fully integrated Live Durable(tm) campaign will feature universal storytelling highlighting real people in durable experiences and how gear and apparel made with CORDURAA(r) fabric can help enhance life's journeys.
The increase of 2.0% in industrial production in the euro area in April 2016, compared with April 2015, is due to the production of capital goods rising by 3.8%, both intermediate goods and durable consumer goods by 1.5%, energy by 1.3% and non-durable consumer goods by 1.0%.