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This reduced sensitivity of durable goods spending to interest rates may be an important consideration for policymakers.
Injection molders of durable goods also acquired a taste for IML, applying it to toys, lawn and garden products, all-terrain vehicles, trash containers, and even tractor body panels.
269] indicates that a durable goods monopolist can avoid any commitment problems by renting, stating that a "monopolist would then become like a seller of a non-durable good" and Purohit [1995, p.
Purchases of durable goods and investment in capital equipment declined in the fourth quarter.
The company selected IDS Scheer's ARIS SmartPath for Durable Goods, a bundled solution of mySAP[TM] All-in-One enterprise software, ARIS-based industry specific reference models, and consulting services.
The two groups presenting the award cited MBA's "pioneering of the recycling of high -value plastics from end-of-life durable goods such as appliances, business equipment, computers, electronics and automobiles.
3 percent decrease in the production of durable goods and a 0.
The number of jobs in durable goods manufacturing - that is, those people who make things like furniture and electronics - increased by 7,195, or nearly 13 percent, according to the report from the Economic Development Corp.
Furthermore, the analysis will explicitly consider durable goods as consumption and portfolio items.
The WIP is a national insurance program dedicated to servicing the risk management needs of the durable goods wholesaler/distribution industry.
durable goods fell unexpectedly in October by the largest amount in nearly two years, and an index of business capital spending plans dropped, according to a government report Wednesday that suggested a slowdown.
Among other durable goods, a gain in the production of household appliances reversed a small portion of the sizable decline in July, but the output of carpeting and furniture and of miscellaneous durable goods fell.

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