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As per the report, " Global Durable Juvenile Products Market: 2014 Edition" available with ReportsnReports.
One reason that economists watch durable goods consumption is that it leads GDP over the business cycle.
C'est le 26 juin 2008 que la toute premiere Loi federale sur le developpement durable (LFDD) (1) a recu la sanction royale.
One of the leading obstacles to a recovery in household expenditure on durables is a lack of confidence in the governments handling of the economy.
Sales of imported durables and non-durable will benefit from the 17% increase in the value of the national currency (the koruna) against the US dollar during the first 10 months of 2002.
The surge in spending had lifted the growth of the stocks of many types of consumer durable goods and business capital equipment to rates that could not be continued.
That year, there were 126,592 manufacturing jobs in the Valley, 89,258 of them in the durables sector.
The court pointed out that the consumer durables were dissimilar to assets for which the income forecast method is permissible, because the consumer durables were leased for fixed terms, and the income stream produced was relatively steady.
In the Southeast, the above-average increase in nonfarm payrolls was mainly accounted for by both durables and nondurables manufacturing, construction, and the finance group.
This report attempts to understand consumer behavior that determines trends in consumer durables and IT products shopping.
Industrial Production Index - Consumer Durables for all EU 25 countries with key trends
The output of durable goods materials, which had edged downward in August, increased 0.