duration of life

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And compared to the duration of life it did not seem to him slower than an awakening from sleep compared to the duration of a dream.
And in the distant future, a geologist examining these beds, might be tempted to conclude that the average duration of life of the embedded fossils had been less than that of the glacial period, instead of having been really far greater, that is extending from before the glacial epoch to the present day.
In lung cancer, four genetic markers have been identified and these allow clinicians to give the treatments most likely to stop the growth of tumours, shrink them and lengthen quality and duration of life.
Duration of life cycle and behavior of white grubs are important for integrated management and precision agriculture.
The professor of genetics said: "Our data suggests the maximum duration of life has already been attained, in the 1990s.
In his address the minister said renal disease can affect children in many ways, from conditions that are readily treatable to others that may be threatening the quality and duration of life.
The word was also used for the innate capacities that were once believed to determine, like the threads of the Fates, the duration of life.
Obesity and associated diseases not only have a negative impact on the quality and duration of life, they also constitute a financial burden for society and the healthcare system.
Among his topics are the duration of life as a random variable, the empirical distribution function of duration of life, testing parametric hypotheses on the exponentiality of durations of rule of Roman emperors, life insurance and net premiums, and population dynamics.
The duration of life enjoyed by the baby was often not of great consequence.
Duration of life cycle, longevity, oviposition period, total fecundity, total fertility and [R.