duration of life

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And compared to the duration of life it did not seem to him slower than an awakening from sleep compared to the duration of a dream.
And in the distant future, a geologist examining these beds, might be tempted to conclude that the average duration of life of the embedded fossils had been less than that of the glacial period, instead of having been really far greater, that is extending from before the glacial epoch to the present day.
1) Earnings on life insurance related invested assets are integral to the evaluation of the life insurance operations because of the long duration of life products.
Open Competition: Provision of services on preferential providing citizens living in the Orel region of medicines and specialized products nutritional therapy for the treatment of diseases included in the list of life-threatening and chronic progressive rare orphan diseases can shorten the duration of life of citizens or their disability
Among his topics are the duration of life as a random variable, the empirical distribution function of duration of life, testing parametric hypotheses on the exponentiality of durations of rule of Roman emperors, life insurance and net premiums, and population dynamics.
The duration of life enjoyed by the baby was often not of great consequence.
Akdag said that a significant number of people had lost their lives due to "malaria" in Tanzania and the average duration of life in the country was 40.
In these cases, the optimal product mix proportion decreases because the effective duration of life insurance remains the same and the effective duration of the annuity becomes smaller.
1) Health-related quality of life has five different facets: 1) opportunity; 2) perception of health; 3) ability to study; 4) physical limitations and diseases and 5) the duration of life.
If, down the line, such standards are made mandatory in order to enable bureaucrats and health care providers to meet the budgetary constraints dictated by relying on inadequate general fund revenues, they will enable rationing based on "quality of life" and expected duration of life.
This update of the 2000 edition by Held-Warmkesel (Fox Chase Cancer Center, Philadelphia) provides nurses caring for patients with up-to-date prostate cancer standards for all aspects of treatment decision-making affecting the quality and duration of life.