during the interval

See: ad interim
References in classic literature ?
But one trivial event had happened during the interval while she had been asleep.
To discover him at Rolliver's, to sit there for an hour or two by his side and dismiss all thought and care of the children during the interval, made her happy.
If Mademoiselle happened to have received a letter from Robert during the interval of Edna's visits, she would give her the letter unsolicited.
In more than one direction, the truth strove to pierce the overlying darkness, and to reveal itself to view, during the interval between the date of Sir Patrick's victory and the date of the wedding-day.
During the interval of three centuries which has elapsed since the publication of this volume of Nevelet's, no book, with the exception of the Holy Scriptures, has had a wider circulation than Aesop's Fables.
During the intervals of the ceremony, the principal chiefs, who officiate as priests, instruct them in their duties, and exhort them to virtue and good deeds.
World War One themed refreshments will also be served during the interval.
During the interval, when the raffle took place, there was time for a bit of gossip and banter, and laughter was infectious.
A felicitation programme was held during the interval of the movie where presidents of Karnataka-based organisations in Qatar were present.
They were also given the opportunity to play cricket on the outfield during the interval.
During the interval the balls were changed and Higgins added: "We must have been using the wrong set because they changed them at the interval and we played much better.
Should the Bears reach the final on Saturday 19 September, the winning teams from Rugby School will be invited to compete during the interval in a final of their own.