during the journey

See: en route
References in classic literature ?
He had been greatly tried, during the journey, I felt convinced, by his fretful ailing charge.
Salton, during the journey to Southampton, often wondered if his grand-nephew was as much excited as he was at the idea of meeting so near a relation for the first time; and it was with an effort that he controlled himself.
During the journey, the young woman fully recovered her senses.
The youthful monarch was most eagerly anxious for amusements; only twice during the journey had he been able to catch a glimpse of La Valliere, and, suspecting that his only opportunity of speaking to her would be after nightfall, in the gardens, and after the ceremonial of reception had been gone through, he had been very desirous to arrive at Vaux as early as possible.
In the confusion of the plaza she mixed me with the other children, whose guardians during the journey were now free to relinquish their responsibility.
The doctor, by means of a temperature increased to one hundred and eighty degrees, gave the balloon a fresh ascensional force of nearly sixteen hundred pounds, and it went up to an elevation of more than eight thousand feet, the greatest height attained during the journey.
The prospect of abundance of horse flesh diffused universal joy, for by this time the whole stock of travelling provisions was reduced to the skeleton steed of Pierre Dorion, and another wretched animal, equally emaciated, that had been repeatedly reprieved during the journey.
During the journey between Leeds Road in Bradley and Church Street in Paddock he is alleged to have injured her in a row.
The migrants were travelling on a dinghy that began deflating during the journey, the Italian police unit responsible for fighting illegal immigration said.
It covers all modes of public transport as well as walking, cycling and driving, providing personalised travel advice before people set out as well as during the journey.
Police said that, during the journey, the men, who were drinking, banged on the carriage roof, threw alcohol around the train and made inappropriate comments and gestures towards female passengers.
The passengers would be provided with the facility of breakfast, two time meals, mineral water, Wifi internet and TV during the journey.