during travel

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ISLAMABAD -- Criminal Investigation Agency (CIA) of Islamabad police has arrested three persons involved in street crime and looting passengers during travel in metro buses, a police spokesman said.
HE DIDN'T seem totally impressed with his latest destination, but Richard Ayoade was in fine form during Travel Man: 48 Hours In Stockholm (Channel 4, last night).
Travel in itself can be stressful so anything we can do to familiarize or precondition our dogs in a positive way reassures and promotes their remaining relaxed and calm during travel.
The committee directed for the completion of Chakdara-Kalam road on a priority basis because residents of the area were facing problems during travel.
The Centre for Health Protection (CHP) of the Department of Health is investigating an imported case of Zika Virus Infection this evening (April 26), and again urged the public to adopt strict anti-mosquito measures and safe sex during travel.
The campaign highlights the fact that Commercial Bank debit cards conveniently eliminated the need to carry cash and can be used for a wide range of everyday transactions, both at home and during travel.
1,2 People with diabetes frequently seek advice from their primary care provider regarding management of the therapy during travel.
Texas has reported 97 Zika cases, all contracted during travel abroad.
Pack ice, or ask your milk provider to pack your purchases in ice to keep the products fresh during travel.
Special features include a divide-n-hide cargo storage system that uses panels in the cargo floor to help contain items and keep them from sliding around during travel.
Amended rules from the Department of Transportation expand the reports required of airlines about the loss, injury and deaths of animals during travel.
The competition was launched on social media sites with the aim of promoting reading habit during travel, encouraging people to immerse themselves in reading during the summer vacation and make use of their free time to increase their general knowledge.