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12) "Ego iam a principio in parsimonia atque in duritia atque industria omnem adulescentiam meam abstinui agro colendo, saxis Sabinis, silicibus repastinandis atque conserendis", Catonis quae supersunt de re rustica, ed.
Could it be sanctioning a place for the deliciae of elegy in the programmatically unalloyed duritia of the epic genre?
Now, it is interesting to note that duritia rubs shoulders with mollitia in our scene.
Given the irreducible feminine duritia of Perpetua's record, their reactions seem as logical and natural as antibodies surrounding a foreign viral infection.
11,27 admodum pauperem; 11,28 sumptuum tenuitate; duritia paupertatis; pauperiei .