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Durn sat quietly through six hours of debate about the Nanterre budget before opening fire on council members.
Durn was described as a member of an ecologist movement.
Durn's final words to his mother were: "Be happy and brave, especially with all the idiots who'll hassle you.
Durn, who hurt 19 others at the council meeting, was overpowered by police only to jump to his death on Thursday from their HQ.
Durn, who yelled "Kill me, kill me" after his mad rampage, plunged 60ft to his death from the fifth-floor window 36 hours later.
Police said in a statement that Durn was being quizzed in an attic office when he suddenly leapt for the skylight.
Durn lives with his mother Stephanie, 68, in a modest house nearby.
Durn, 33, shot dead eight council members in Nanterre, Paris, and seriously injured 19 more early yesterday.
Prosecutors opened an immediate inquiry into Durn's death, as did the Justice and Interior ministries.
His mother Stephanie Durn later said: "The reason why I think he wanted to kill was because he felt very alone", adding that he had spoken of wanting to kill "many times .
I was a little worried about winning that case myself, because that durned bull came home this morning."
In "So which of you two galoots is the durned Dutch designer?" drawled Sheriff McAllister, 2004, the mounted lawman somehow manages to miss a rather striking visual clue: One of the cowboys to whom he directs his inquiry is wearing a Stetson modeled, improbably, after a Rietveld chair.