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Local TV reports speculated that Durn killed himself during a moment of inattention by police guarding him.
Durn, who was unemployed and suffering from severe psychological problems, was in custody after killing eight members of the Nanterre city council and injuring 19 others.
Durn lives with his mother Stephanie, 68, in a modest house nearby.
Durn was armed with two Glock automatic handguns and a .
A BITTER row raged last night after mass killer Richard Durn jumped to his death from the roof of a police headquarters.
Durn, 33, a known suicide risk, was being questioned by detectives yesterday when he threw himself through an attic window of an interrogation room in the heart of Paris.
Jobless Durn sat through a six-hour council meeting before his murder spree.
Durn was a regular at council sessions in his middle-class neighbourhood.
Mr Rijik saved himself by diving under a table when Durn opened fire from the public gallery at the end of a meeting.
Durn had gone to the city hall armed with two Glock semiautomatics and a .
His mother Stephanie Durn later said: "The reason why I think he wanted to kill was because he felt very alone", adding that he had spoken of wanting to kill "many times .