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Sut Lovingood: Yarns Spun by a Nat'ral Born Durned Fool.
Unless you place the powder pan on the tray carefully, with no biased pressure, the durned thing will trapeze back and forth like a pendulum.
Me, I want to be able to shoot anything from coyotes to moose with the durned thing.
We lost a jet, and we were durned lucky we didn't lose the pilot or some of the good folks up there on the flight deck.
Where Ratliff watches Ash and sees "a durned old frizzle-headed ape" and believes he could "almost see his mind working" (77, 78) to evade answering him, we see upon rereading the story a crafty black man with no legal means of redress for insult or injury, using his knowledge both of Luke Provine and of the local Indians to avenge himself, and then we see him offer an explanation.
Durned thing kicked like a mule and didn't shoot most full-charge blackpowder loads worth a hoot.