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Synthetic pillows contained six to eight times more pet allergens than their feather or down counterparts and five times more dust mite allergens, Dr.
Recent research has found that "asthmatic patients attending a hospital asthma clinic were two to three times more likely to live in a dwelling with evidence of dampness than an age- and sex-matched random sample of the general population living in the same area," suggesting that dampness may allow house dust mites or molds to flourish (5).
Usually house dust mites are controlled with powerful pesticides or by sealing mattresses in plastic covers.
1-800-944-2223) and remembering not to breathe, how does an allergic or asthmatic person protect against these dust mite adversaries?
Global Markets Direct's 'House Dust Mite Allergy - Pipeline Review, H1 2012' provides an overview of the House Dust Mite Allergy therapeutic pipeline.
Michael Gabriel of GPM Pediatrics , a Brooklyn pediatrics center, responds to an article that explains how dust mite extract exposure to babies can decrease their chances of developing allergies, and may even help prevent asthma and eczema.
BABIES exposed to dust mites are less likely to get asthma and eczema later, scientists have found.
Researchers suggested that the increased levels of dust mites weren't linked with wheezing.
House dust mite allergy in Southern Africa--historical perspective and current status.
Filter preparations of both urine samples demonstrated blood, benign squamous cells, scattered reactive urothelial cells and a single well preserved dust mite, approximately < 0.
One ideal breeding ground for the dust mite is household carpets and furnishings.