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The ceremonious vocabulary and tone of Sonnet 7 sound alien to the lover's idiom that the previous sonnets have worked so hard to establish, so that the more the sonnet sermonizes the young man, the more even the most duteous readers' eyes are inclined to turn away from the young man's image, fulfilling the couplet's prophecy of an "unlooked on" beloved.
Similar symbolic gestures of possession and renunciation should accompany Richard's other divestitures (of "kingly sway" "balm," "sacred state") and cancellations (of "duteous oaths," "pomp and majesty" "manors, rents, revenues," "acts, decrees, and statutes").
Dorothea realizes that as a result of her new knowledge, "everything was changing its aspect: her husband's conduct, her own duteous feeling towards him, every struggle between them--and yet more, her whole relation to Will Ladislaw" (p.
But if the figurative "Shade" is to afford him some comfort, if he is to convince himself and his readers that metaphorically, "The Year's best Sweets shall duteous rise / To deck it's POET'S sylvan Grave" (3-4), then he must represent the dead Thomson as indeed a "soothing shade" in the sense both of spirit (ghostly shade and of refuge from the tormenting heat of impassioned sorrow.
Kharak appreciated the services of outgoing SDPO Bashar Khan and said that government officials possessing qualities of honesty, duteous and dedication to professional obligations during service career were always remembered by people with good words.