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tariff on dutiable imports has fallen from 45 percent in 1930 to less than 5 percent in 2010.
The first provision (10, 11) deals with dutiable goods.
With the introduction of the new form, all passengers also have to specifically declare, prohibited goods and dutiable items, including gold bullion and gold jewellery exceeding the free allowance.
14 /PRNewswire/ -- UPS today announced guaranteed overnight delivery of documents and dutiable packages from Europe to North America in an aggressive move to take a leadership position in the international express delivery industry.
The Hong Kong Customs and Excise Department is responsible for the protection of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region against smuggling; the protection and collection of government revenue on dutiable goods; the detection and deterrence of narcotics trafficking and abuse of abuse of controlled drugs; the protection of intellectual property rights; the protection of consumer interests; the protection and facilitation of legitimate trade and upholding Hong Kong's trading integrity.
This repeated failure constitutes a material omission because the engineering changes had an impact on the dutiable value of the [equipment].
customer in Brazil may receive dutiable packages by as much as one day
Instead, it waited until after Customs liquidated its merchandise under a dutiable provision to file protests to the liquidation of its goods.
post offices will accept an unlimited number of Express Mail documents (letter and flat shaped items) from all customers, but will limit the number of Express Mail parcels and dutiable items to no more than four, per customer, per visit.
With Web Shipping, customers can schedule pickups, prepare and print waybills, complete export documentation, determine which shipments are dutiable, track shipments and estimate shipping charges, all from their own desktop computer.
United States, the Court summarized the long history of its review of TAA determinations defining "article," including the requirements that there be: a tangible thing; a creation of something new entering the stream of commerce; some transformation, which means more than a "mere refurbishing of what already existed" or minor alterations or repairs to a complex product; and status as a dutiable item.