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Being dutiful to parents, obeying them and treating them with kindness is embedded in the teachings of Islam, however obedience to God is always the first and foremost duty in Islam.
thought out Their boringly William and Kate, tipped to drum up support for the House of Windsor, have become as boringly dutiful as the Queen
He defied a wide dRaw to tRiumph COMFORTABLY that day and while the official MARGIN was a length and a half, Dutiful Son looked Reasonable value FOR the distance.
He defied a wide draw to triumph comfortably that day and, while the official margin was a length and a half, Dutiful Son looked reasonable value for the distance.
The sequel to Dutiful Daughter, "Baby Broker or Dedicated Doctor?
Summary: Author of Second Sex (1949) and Memoirs of a Dutiful Daughter (1958), the French philosopher pioneered the first wave of feminism.
Now a top-level inquiry has told his dutiful daughter Ruth Whitehead of major faults by the health care company, Domus.
But, ever the dutiful supporter, Davis was spotted a week or so back in New Hampshire, making an inroads for Team Clinton and its latest reincarnation, Hillary's presidential campaign.
WE always leave our dutiful teenage sons or daughters in charge of our home while we're away.
Through a gendered line of inquiry, she demonstrates that it is not only the imperial instruments of power that keep the workers of Asian "tiger" economies beholden to US corporations: the role of the dutiful daughter is highly complicit in these economic arrangements.
And after 10 fruitless years of using the same Lotto numbers, this weekend I'm taking my chances with Hurley's digits, as your dutiful TV reviewer/guinea pig.