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My son, the same kind, dutiful, and obliging creature as ever, treated me now at his own house, paid me my hundred pounds, and sent me home again loaded with presents.
Yes, but she wouldn't have been as dutiful, and it would not have come off as easily,' returned the whelp, 'if it hadn't been for me.
But yesterday morning you had made up your mind, in a great hurry, to stay here, and to accompany your mother, like a dutiful son, to the sea-side.
With those submissive words, the dutiful wife preceded him down a few stairs to a little basement front room, half kitchen, half parlour, where a girl of about nineteen, with an exceedingly pretty figure and face, but with an impatient and petulant expression both in her face and in her shoulders (which in her sex and at her age are very expressive of discontent), sat playing draughts with a younger girl, who was the youngest of the House of Wilfer.
Tulliver regarded him with dutiful respect, as he did everything else belonging to the church-service; but he considered that church was one thing and common-sense another, and he wanted nobody to tell
Marrying as his mother and I did, late in life, sir, after waiting for a great many years, until we were well enough off--coming together when we were no longer young, and then being blessed with one child who has always been dutiful and affectionate--why, it's a source of great happiness to us both, sir.
This same lusty spirit sometimes instructed dutiful followers to have sexual intercourse two or three times a night.
Ironically, some of the patients who have been having the worst time are those who were the most dutiful about trying new drugs in the past.
But the dancers' slogging persistence projects dutiful obedience to their choreographic taskmaster rather than joy.
Our exclusive pictures show the first time Gazza has been seen playing the dutiful dad to his three-month-old baby.
The Minister said only dutiful and hardworking officials will be appointed in Pakistan Railways.
He said that the department would award dutiful, honest and hardworking police officials.