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Joseph Smith, Harborne | WHEN Bob Jones was "elected" Police Commissioner it was envisaged that this public appointee would impartially oversee the conduct of West Midlands Police and dutifully represent the people.
My husband dutifully lined our roof with multicolored lights and icicles, but since the gloves had been dropped up the street, I had no choice but to purchase an inflatable sculpture that spells out JOY (illuminated
WE always dutifully recycle paper, glass etc, hopefully to help save this beautiful planet.
Having dutifully served his country as a naval officer, 21-year-old Elvis (Gael Garcia Bernal) returns to his childhood home in Corpus Christi, Texas, where he reunites with the father he never knew, David (William Hurt).
John dutifully went to the discussion session on the birth of the early church as described in Acts 2.
But just as I was dutifully writing down this information, the reporter said, "Then again, if you take ATP, you may cause another stroke.
Dutifully, Charlie returns to the States for the funeral and learns some astonishing news from an eccentric collection of female relatives: his father was Anansi, a trickster spider-god.
Which he dutifully did, though without disclosing his government paycheck.
In this year's race-and-class drama, Crash, the maid character was browbeaten by a neurotic housewife played by Sandra Bullock, only to dutifully comfort her after the erstwhile Miss Congeniality fell down a flight of stairs.
I remember our pastor walking the host slowly around the church, blessing the congregation, while my classmates and I sang O Salutaris Hostia, dutifully stumbling through the intricate Latin.
She was a skinny, spacey, frail little thing, dutifully supporting her windbag platypus-faced husband, Paul Crouch.
Crime logs: you may have them in your own local paper, often buried towards the back pages and dutifully recounting all reported crimes from stick-ups to graffiti and drunks.