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Table 1 Five Factor model: Domains and facets Domain Facet Neuroticism Extraversion Openness 1 Anxiety Warmth Fantasy 2 Angry/hostility Gregariousness Aesthetics 3 Depression Assertiveness Feelings 4 Self-consciousness Activity Actions 5 Impulsiveness Excitement seeking Ideas 6 Vulnerability Positive emotions Values Domain Facet Agreeableness Conscientiousness 1 Trust Competence 2 Straightforwardness Order 3 Altruism Dutifulness 4 Compliance Achievement striving 5 Modesty Self-discipline 6 Tender-mindedness Deliberation
Therefore, the dutifulness (C3) and competence (C1) facets of conscientiousness will be related to materialism.
Safavid shahs, the visualization of the saviors of the board, and dutifulness felt the chain-wide on his shoulder.
31) Through such actions, courage, belonging, and dutifulness are proven.
Conscientiousness is comprised of six lower-level facets which include: competence (efficiency); order (organization); dutifulness (thorough); achievement striving (ambitious); self-discipline (not lazy); and deliberation (not impulsive) (Costa and McCrae 1992).
The opening title refers to a place that may be termed a counter place, that is, a place where Henry could have lived his counterlife, a place symbolizing the ruthlessness of a different life as opposed to the obligation and dutifulness of real life--selfishness as opposed to goodness; Basel does not exist in his biography as the unfettered identity it would have represented does not exist in his lived life.
Several charities helped organize the event to encourage respect and dutifulness toward parents, an obligation imposed on us by our religion," he said.
competence, order, dutifulness, achievement striving, self-discipline, and deliberation) can be theoretically related to performance, not only in academic but also in occupational settings.
It is important to note that these ecocatastrophes are not self-inflicted because of earth's rebellion against God, or the earth's neglect, or lack of dutifulness for the created order, but these eco-calamities have a direct correlation with Rome's self-indulgence and intolerable arrogance, and certain congregants in the churches in Asia living in league with Rome's way of life and worship (2-3).
By implication, public service rendered by religious adherents will be guided by religious principles that has transformed into moral principles such as truth telling, honesty, piety, selfless service, dutifulness, fairness etc.
The Monuments Men" is instead weighed down by dutifulness.
This appears logical, with conscientiousness as a construct including traits such as: achievement striving, self-disciplined, perfectionism, dutifulness, dependable, persistent, goal directed, organized, responsible, efficient, thorough, deliberate, and hard working (Judge et al.