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Unfortunately, as Hodgson has argued, this rich history of individual duties was gradually eroded by a redefinition of liberty emphasizing individual autonomy rather than the sharing of social power, (65) a redefinition of rights as "trumps" rather than limited freedoms, (66) and the emergence of an omnipotent "politics of dutiless rights.
The notion, a contractual notion, of the need for reciprocity or "balance" between rights and duties has survived in the corrupted liberal order, despite the attenuation of the principle of duty in practice, but in a mutant and a-civic form: trader the rule of dutiless right and demand-satisfaction, the citizen-turned-stranger insists upon his dutiless or absolute rights as citizen, or ostensible citizen, on the one hand and upon the rightless duties to him of the civic order, or of its instrument the state, on the other.
Perhaps more revealing is the Home Secretary's warning that "corrupted liberal orders" are those that promote a "politics of dutiless right.