duty owed

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It is also a duty owed to yourself, for excessive sorrow prevents improvement or enjoyment, or even the discharge of daily usefulness, without which no man is fit for society.
Guardian" would be a better description of the duty owed to pets.
The Military Covenant is the duty owed by any government to those who have served.
To establish liability on the part of the adverse party, contentions should clearly state how the breach of the duty owed by the respondent caused the applicant to sustain damages.
To say there is no duty owed is to deny liability altogether, however obvious the breach or horrendous the foreseeable injuries.
An AAM officer evaluating whether or not to make the investments discussed balancing the "fiduciary duty" owed to the placement agent with the duty owed to AAM's clients, according to the SEC, but AAM "ultimately decided to put its owner's financial interests first, approving the bond purchases without telling clients about the conflict of interest.
This essay seeks to answer three questions essential to my understanding of the Holocaust, the bystander, and my understanding of duty owed to another individual.
The injured party must show that the property owner breached some duty owed to the injured party.
It sounds simple and straightforward, yet many complaints are filed with the Department of Real Estate each year against property managers who breach their fiduciary duty owed to their clients.
If inside counsel is aware that an agent of the corporation is about to breach a fiduciary duty owed to it, has breached an obligation owed to the corporation, is about to violate the law, or has already violated the law, ethically counsel is required to take some sort of action.
Sitting with Lady Justice Thirlwall and Mr Justice Lewis, he said the duty owed by paramedics and other health workers in a similar position, was owed to 'individuals' and their employers, rather than a specific duty to the general public.
In simpler terms, it means breaching a basic duty owed.