duty to pay

See: liability
References in classic literature ?
It is Frank Churchill's duty to pay this attention to his father.
The money was destined to a charitable purpose; and I have felt it my duty to pay it again.
The NHS should not only accept its duty to pay up - but also have the decency to do so right now.
The multi-millionaire model may be right technically in arguing that the state has a duty to pay the daily fare of up to PS1,000 for the journey to her son's special school.
Like the successful tenderer will be exempt from the duty to pay final deposit.
I appear on radio and television, sometimes funny questions are asked that show the level of knowledge and attitudes of tax payers and population to their duty to pay taxes.
MINISTER IT'S OUR DUTY TO PAY TAXES 1 SAINSBURY'S boss Justin King says firms have a moral duty to pay corporation tax.
But while council tax exists we all have a duty to pay something towards it.
Promoters have to bring in additional money and companies have the duty to pay back loans.
Justice Fryberg said that it was their duty to pay attention to the evidence and to say whether he is guilty or not guilty.
The report by food and farming charity Sustain said that the Government could raise PS1bn a year from a sugary drinks duty to pay for free school meals and measures to encourage children to eat fruit and vegetables.
The trial court agreed with the insurer, holding that the school board did not commit "wrongful acts" under the policy because the board had a pre-existing duty to pay.