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The population of brown dwarfs is the largest known to researchers and they're all surrounded by a population of newborn stars as well.
Caption: Artist's concept of jets powered by still-forming brown dwarf
Dwarf galaxies are small galaxies composed of about 100 million up to several billion stars.
This system is composed of a low-mass object--about 60 times the mass of our own solar system's gas-giant planet, Jupiter--in a much-too-close-for-comfort 78-minute orbit around a voracious white dwarf companion.
Thermonuclear excavation during the star's endgame could also lead to an underweight white dwarf.
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However, now a collaboration of international astronomers have found another likely brown dwarf exoplanet.
The theatre, which bills its festive production as "Britain's biggest pantomime", confirmed the show would not feature dwarfs but would be the "magnificent seven as you've never seen them before".
I met my wife, a dwarf, via this programme and we now have a young daughter in preparatory school," he says.
7 DWARFS FURY AS KIDS GET PANTO JOBS YOU can't have kids playing dwarfs in Snow White, surely?
In Das Blaue Licht a dwarf comes to the aid of a soldier who has become trapped in a well by a witch.