dwell in

See: inhabit, occupy
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He writes, "Not only must we dwell in order to build, but we must build in order to dwell" (page 757).
Our understanding of how dwelling is always an act of marking "is never fully accessible since (1) it is embodied in skills and (2) we dwell in our understanding like fish in water" (Dreyfus, 1990, page 35).
Different practices involve different ways of marking our dwelling space--whether we flush a conventional toilet or use a waterless composting toilet, whether we produce our own electricity from a small, off-grid solar system or expect it to magically appear from some far off place every and any time we want it, whether we dwell in single family homes or houses designed for small living groups, whether we interact bodily with our dwelling space to help create and maintain our own comfort (or largely do not, in the case of mainstream residential life).
Rose (2012, page 761) argues that "the world needs to be thought of not simply as Dasein's unique situation but as a situation that delivers Dasein to a moment of reckoning; a moment where Dasein can not only see the openness of its situation but also is compelled to respond." All residential dwellers dwell in the world, and all respond to their world by marking and claiming it.
We leant to dwell in relation to the world around us, and it is important to recognize the relational nature of dwelling as a social phenomenon (Emirbayer, 1997), as we consider the dwelling experience.