dwell upon

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IT is perhaps natural to allow our minds to dwell upon the positives and negatives of this traffic artery described by Lord Wyn Roberts as a " highway of opportunity" as we near the 24th anniversary of the opening of the Conwy Tunnels on the 25th October 1991.
As Egyptians mourn the departure of one of their most loved and talented movie stars, many will dwell upon what has become almost a national pastime, nostalgia for what is known as la belle epoch of Egyptian culture.
Viva Bandolera is the sixth album of "Texas border rock" superstar Patricia Vonne, compiling songs from her previous five albums that dwell upon and celebrate her life experience as a proud "Tejana"--a Texan of Latino heritage.
Arabella said: "In a world where photographic images of war are available at the touch of a button, I have turned to the quieter and more deliberate medium of paint to bring our focus back to the individual lives, to dwell upon the hidden human stories of courage, sacrifice and tribulation that are found in the shadows.
Aqrabawi's speech will also dwell upon Jordan's efforts to maintain Muslim and Christian shrines in Jerusalem, preserve their identity and support the steadfastness of the devout in the holy city of Jerusalem.
It was just to the relief of the travelling Albions fans that they did not also have a first-leg deficit to dwell upon after Mike Newell missed the best chance of the match for Wigan.
On March 21 Hafidh Al Kindy will deliver the third lecture which will dwell upon, Eoe1/4Y[pounds sterling]The history of the Holy Quran and the Traditions (Ahadith) of the Prophet (peace be upon him), their authenticity and the general themes.
The movie doesn't pull punches about Elliot's homosexuality; nor does it dwell upon it.
have learned to dwell upon the lonesome fringes, the untended margins,
We can always find some humour; I can remember listening to a power-voiced minister as his words boomed across the small town market-square: "I do not intend to dwell upon the wiles of Popery, which like a giant oct-o-bus is spreading its testicles all over the civilised world".
Ultimately Andor's love for Eszter yields to doubts about her past, while revelations about his father and mother leave him to dwell upon the extent of his and others' subterfuges, and the boundaries between his dreaming and waking life blur.
Even though Clinton's spinning skills haven't been put to such use in a decade--for reasons we don't have to dwell upon here--he proves he hasn't lost anything on his fastball.