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Whether because of its symbolic sense, the image it presents of a life linked with the soil, and enclosing in itself the chief sources of warmth and nourishment, or whether merely because of the consolatory thought that it enables the dwellers in that harsh climate to get to their morning's work without facing the weather, it is certain that the "L" rather than the house itself seems to be the centre, the actual hearth-stone of the New England farm.
They drove the old dwellers out until it was only in the north, in Wales and in Cornwall, that they were to be found.
Unconsciously he shared the feeling of boundless pity that these hapless creatures excite among the dwellers in the sunless valleys wherein Nature has placed them.
After a time the dwellers in the valley ended by understanding the service which I had done them in spite of themselves, but for all that, they still cherish some traces of that old superstition of theirs.
Or were they girt in by as remorseless and cruel a world as the dwellers in Oakland were?
As the Forest Service researchers point out, trees and forests reach out to the city dweller and convey serenity and beauty, surrounding us with dimensions of nature in an environment where nature is very scarce.
The Act provides that no member of a forest dwelling scheduled tribe or other traditional forest dweller shall be evicted or removed from forest under his occupation till the recognition and verification procedure is complete.
Not a slum dweller, Gabiertan said, "I also pay slum dwellers who gather plastic bottles in other areas of Cavite.
Existing literature and survey results both illustrate that negotiations pursued through local political workers help to resolve some of the issues by providing token in the first stage (a semi-legal passport to stay in the city) later voter's identity and a ration card, legitimises the stay as a city resident and helps the dweller to participate in the public distribution system.
But a dweller of the Qala-i-Wahid area, Faisal Stanikzai, said the same amount cost 80afs.
Responses to the demographic questions determined to which category participants were assigned: Dublin dweller or rural dweller.
On Monday in the Bihar state capital Patna, protesters tore down posters and ransacked a movie theatre showing the rags-to-riches tale of a Mumbai slum dweller, which won the top prize at the Screen Actors Guild awards at the weekend.