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he had already come to recognise his father as the one other dweller in the world, a creature like his mother, who slept near the light and was a bringer of meat)--his father had a way of walking right into the white far wall and disappearing.
Here have I been a dweller on the earth for four-score and six changes of the seasons, and all that time have I look'd at the growing and the dying trees, and yet do I not know the reasons why the bud starts under the summer sun, or the leaf falls when it is pinch'd by the frosts.
It seemed that the succession of dwellers in the furnished room had turned in fury--perhaps tempted beyond forbearance by its garish coldness--and wreaked upon it their passions.
After a time the dwellers in the valley ended by understanding the service which I had done them in spite of themselves, but for all that, they still cherish some traces of that old superstition of theirs.
Or were they girt in by as remorseless and cruel a world as the dwellers in Oakland were?
Now when the wolves saw the dogs they could be restrained no longer, but sprang on them and tore them to fragments, and the sound of their worrying came to the ears of the soldiers of Chaka and of the dwellers in the kraal, so that they sprang from sleep, snatching their arms.
All and each, may ye live countless ages for the delight and amusement of the dwellers on earth!
The 20-minute drama The Dover Cliff Dweller had been given a special staging before the theatre's regular show, Our Country's Good.
And within the weeks of dark December, all of us-city dweller and farm dweller, Christian and non-Christian--will try to wrap it around us.
Housing, food, travel, entertainment - all cost more to the urban dweller.
Synopsis: "A Dweller on Two Planets" is one of the most important texts of the 19th century Atlantis canon.
THE thin, half starved, puny slum dweller, smiled with happiness as he stood near his fallen hut, where he watched his little sick son vomiting into the nearby gutter.