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This building boom also led to an even higher increase in the number of new dwellings that lay vacant.
Naomi Westwood, head of modern languages at Four Dwellings High, arranged the visit to for local pupils to help to make French fun.
About 47% of Bulgarian citizens lived in overcrowded dwelling in 2009, according to data by Eurostat, EU's statistical office.
There were 905,000 dwellings with no category 1 hazards present in 2008, equivalent to 71% of the stock.
Initially, dual occupancy was in the form of additional dwellings in the backyard of a suburban house, and later there were examples of house replacement by two detached houses (Birrell et al.
Previously, demand for new housing was met through the subdivision of green-field land on the urban fringe, dispersed infill (such as new dwellings in the back yards of existing dwellings) and major projects, particularly in the inner Melbourne area.
Research from the Welsh Assembly Government reveal that from January to March this year there were 1,816 new dwellings started.
When dwelling prices are growing, newly-built dwellings become too expensive for most of residents, therefore, renovation of old dwelling blocks becomes an attractive alternative (Zavadskas et al.
Brooklyn one- and two-family dwellings saw their average sales price rise in 2005 to $530,000, a 20.
Unless apartment blocks are crammed next to each other, the sites they occupy can generally be developed in many different ways producing the same number of dwellings without the skyline impact.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-14 July 2005-New dwellings starts in Norway up in May 2005(C)1994-2005 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
However, landslide disasters to cave dwellings become more frequent and disastrous in loess regions.