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In the past few years I have studied several different cases of alternative residential dwelling--ways of using different technologies, materials, and forms of organization in residential homes--and I was thrilled to see a potentially useful conceptual scheme for understanding how people dwell.
I do so by focusing on several different groups of residential dwellers that dwell differently, living residential lives that employ different technological systems, material practices, and forms of organization from the typical modern dweller.
Some consider how tourists dwell (Obrador-Pons, 2003), while others consider dwelling in urban spaces (McFarlane, 2011) or in landscapes such as orchards (Cloke and Jones, 2001) and cemeteries (Cloke and Jones, 2004).
He writes, "Not only must we dwell in order to build, but we must build in order to dwell" (page 757).
Our understanding of how dwelling is always an act of marking "is never fully accessible since (1) it is embodied in skills and (2) we dwell in our understanding like fish in water" (Dreyfus, 1990, page 35).
The festival sukkot in which we dwell each year symbolize these clouds and hence the protection, love, and presence of God.
The Talmudic sages understood the Bible's command that one leave one's house and dwell in a sukka for seven days to imply that the sukka itself should be constructed for brief stays and not extended habitation.
Rather, "they should appreciate that I made the Israelite people dwell in sukkot, and should realize that this world is a guesthouse and a temporary dwelling.
Why not dwell in sukkot for seven days during Adar or Tevet or some other month?
Malbim explains that there is in fact good reason why one should leave home and dwell in sukkot, particularly at harvest time.