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The study dwells upon import and export value, operating income and total profit of the companies .
One dwells upon the infinite variety of the place names .
Award-winning poet Noelle Kocot presents Poem for the End of Time and Other Poems, an anthology of free-verse poetry that dwells upon the difficulties that beset one in the different phases of existence.
Ian Parks, named one of the National Poetry Society's New Poets in 1996, presents his second poetry collection Shell Island, an anthology that dwells upon Parks' cherished themes of love, loss, and the connections between individuals and society.
The companion to the PBS Television series hosted by Marcus Samuelsson, The Meaning of Food is the collaborative effort of Patricia Harris, David Lyon, and Sue McLaughlin and is not only a recipe book, but dwells upon what truly makes a meal, why some food is considered sacred or inseparably tied to emotions, connections between food, culture, and family, and much more.