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If numbers again dwindle to one then the bus will not run, but parents now have the chance to demonstrate they want and will use this bus.
Bread, water and tea, I figured, would be the last things on Earth to dwindle away.
THE POWERS THAT BE AT DWINDLE FINALLY KILLED WHAT was left of the great World Industries professional skateboarding tradition, shit-canning their entire pro team (except for Wet Willy and Flame Boy).
Otherwise the support will continue to dwindle and dwindle.
According to island farmer Mike Rendell, cruise ship passengers who would have paid to view the penguins, petrels, cormorants and other wildlife on his island farm will dwindle in number.
But the ratio is expected to dwindle significantly in the second half of fiscal 2002 due to an expected increase in appraisal losses on stockholdings and the aggressive disposal of bad loans, the paper said.