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He said one of the major reasons of dwindling exports was that Pakistan was mostly depending on textile products for exports while the share of engineering, high-tech and value added products was increasing in world's exports.
A survey by SWG research group has indicated the dwindling trust that Italians have in banks and financial service institutions.
de Ramos of UP-Diliman's Marine Sciences Institute (MSI) revealed that the problem about the dwindling marine resources is even more pronounced in the two provinces that comprise the newly-established Negros Island Region (NIR).
Today, there are approximately 638,000 such units left in Los Angeles--a dwindling supply because controls generally apply only to older buildings.
The deal comes at a time when Egypt is struggling with dwindling foreign currency reserves and the falling value of the Egyptian pound against the US dollar.
Some ethanol producers are shutting their plants in order to avoid paying premium prices for the dwindling 2011 corn crop, hoping to ride out the bad times.
Mumbai The happy little house sparrow is fast becoming a dwindling species -- necessitating the urgency to spread awareness and save it from our concrete jungles.
But governors have asked their local authority to consider shutting it down, citing dwindling pupil numbers and the resulting lack of money to fund staff.
The McCanns had feared a dwindling fund would leave them unable to continue paying private detectives.
Summary: Food supplies are dwindling in the Chilean city of Concepcion as troops enforce a dawn till dusk curfew to eradicate looting.
Meanwhile, senior Congress leader and Union Minister Kapil Sibal termed the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) as National Dwindling Alliance.
Upwards of 15,000 poverty-stricken Indian people took part in a protest last week against their government's planned extension of a new wildlife sanctuary at Mudumalai created to protect the country's dwindling population of tigers.