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Galdikas, HighTower has provided TowerView to the OFI to help researchers study, understand and work to conserve the planet's dwindling population of orangutans in their vanishing natural habitats.
The last feeble excuse remaining in the LAUSD's dwindling arsenal of lies is, The devil made us do it.
out of business and to protect Cadence's dwindling market share.
With populations of the island fox falling sharply in recent years, Channel Islands National Park this week will bring together wildlife experts from around the country to draw up a plan to save the dwindling species.
With the number of community-based banks dwindling in the area, we wanted to aggressively pursue opportunities to expand and to better serve our markets.
As of late March, satellite images showed the pool of warm water was dwindling.
The Corps of Engineers secured a $100,000 federal grant in September to explore problems and needs at various sites in the watershed and to assess whether removing the 100-foot dam would help boost the region's dwindling population of the endangered steelhead trout.
USC's dwindling bowl hopes took another hit Friday, when the Independence Bowl virtually scratched the Trojans off their list of prospective teams.
The Pope attributes the lessening frequency with which the faithful receive this Sacrament to a diminished sense of sin in our culture, and perhaps, on the priests' part, "a certain dwindling of our own enthusiasm and availability for the exercise of this delicate and demanding ministry.
Their relationship survived every development from Van Vechten's generous promotion of Hughes' career to Hughes' loyalty when his friend was reviled for the infamously titled novel Nigger Heaven, and from Hughes' emergence as the brightest star of the Harlem Renaissance to the dwindling of Van Vechten's own fame and influence.
A unique prospecting course taking place in Kenora may spark new interest in mineral exploration and save the area's dwindling "prospecting fraternity," a local geologist suggests.
I sincerely hope "Poetry in Motion" is an example of the magazine's newfound dedication and commitment to sustainable economic growth issues, which are synonymous with the preservation and management of our planet's rapidly dwindling bio-diversity and fresh air and water supplies.