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With no scientific data on the dwindling sparrow population, the NFS has started an initiative to monitor the common birds of India.
As far as the BJP's prime ministerial candidate Advani or the BJP is concerned, I would like to say that the NDA is National Dwindling Alliance and by the time the 5th phase of election is over, all it's allies will leave it," he added.
The Indian government blames dwindling habitat and poaching for the decrease.
Citing surveys, he said stocks of fish species are dwindling at an alarming pace, particularly hamoor.
Dwindling populations will be provided with improved habitat conditions.
The American College of Physicians (ACP) recently recommended a patient-centered healthcare system to stem the tide of dwindling physician numbers.
Once numerous in Santa Clarita, the owls are listed as a vulnerable species statewide due to their dwindling numbers.
Among Segal's claims and targets: dwindling ballet audiences; a repertoire "that's decaying"; the infantilization of ballet dancers; ballets that traffic in archaic stereotypes; classics that are inauthentic for today's audiences; an art form that values "prettiness" over beauty and depth; and ballet's irrelevancy to today's world.
But dwindling resources and other factors have converged to force the closure of 10 child-parent centers in the past two years.
to a straightforward "Manifesto for the Earth" (co-written with Ted Mosquin) that stresses the importance of reducing human population levels and human consumptive excess, particularly in developed countries, the essays convey an urgent need to protect dwindling natural resources and look toward sustainable coexistence.
A dwindling number of young people means a dwindling supply of workers.
1 quadrillion acre-feet of water, yet its supply of fresh water is quickly dwindling to crisis levels.