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Polypropylene fibers and strings are not dyeable by using the common methods in textile industry.
Tencel is the trademarked brand of lycocell, a biodegradable cellulosic fiber made from wood pulp that is dyeable, wrinkle-resistant and can be blended with other fibers such as cotton, silk, linen and rayon.
It's exceptionally resistant to matting, crushing, and abrasive wear compared to other commercial fibers; carries the same warranty as other Antron white dyeable nylon carpet fibers; and is 100 percent recyclable into high-value end-use products.
Beginning about 20 years ago, the Grafton Street store began to sell dyeable shoes, a wedding staple.
The deal includes Honeywell's plant in Shanghai, China, which produces white dyeable and solution-dyed nylon 6 BCF.
Plus, these shoes are dyeable, making them an excellent choice for competitions and recital season.
Its Antron[R] Legacy nylon (white dyeable fiber) and Antron Lumena[R] solution dyed nylon offer appearance retention in environments with heavy foot traffic and soiling.
PTT is also dyeable without a carrier at boiling temperatures under atmospheric conditions because of the open molecular structure, providing colorfastness comparable to nylon with select dyes (Werny 1998).