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There was substantial difference in colors when the dyed boiled rice was rinsed with water (Fig-3).
Measurement of Color Value: Samples dyed in distilled water is designated as H0 and considered as a standard for comparison with all other samples.
More benefits are obvious in terms of logistics and warehousing: Danufil(R) ProShade(R) can replace a stock of differently dyed yarns or fabrics and so reduces significantly the amount of capital required.
Lauryn Smith '18, a fine art major, dyed canvases and then painted self-portraits that convey how clothing and fibers work to create and remove intimacy from the human form for an exhibit planned for the Jill Stuart Gallery, November 16-December 4.
The blue shade is the same throughout the skein, and all skeins dyed together (in the same dye lot) will be the same uniform shade of blue.
Simultaneously, a new generation of young designers, concerned with ethical and environmental issues, has been sourcing quality naturally dyed fabrics and accessories for upmarket high-street stores.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Seeing dyed chicks in local bazrs or at different corners of the city may make one smile because they look cute, but animal advocates say the practice of dying chicks should end because it does not allow those animals to live longer than 10 days.
With more severe allergic reactions, a red rash may erupt or the entire face may drastically swell--as was the case with one teenage boy this past February, whose head swelled to twice its normal size after he dyed his hair black.
The American Pregnancy Association, however, said it was unlikely that hair dye could harm an unborn baby - too little of the chemicals would reach it - although it did say that pregnant women should avoid strong chemical fumes from ammonia in dye and might want to wait to get their hair dyed until the second trimester.
The fabric was dyed with direct dyes after casticization for that purpose.