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Recent studies on wood dyeing have mainly focused on the dyeing process of veneer and paneling rather than the log itself.
Dyeing any animal's hair or fur is considered wrong for many reasons.
A selection of algae species (25 different strains of microalgae/cyanobacteria and 10 different species of macroalgae) with potentially high dyeing properties;
JD: It is believed that India had mastered the art of dyeing from very ancient times, and it is also believed that this was where the resist-printing techniques originated.
Wool fabric treated with preliminary scouring was mordanted with different mordants separately prior to dyeing under the conditions specified in the TABLE-1.
In the early 19th century, Buchanan Hamilton found dyeing of yarn, rather than printing of cloth, to be the major process for the production of turbans, sashes and woven cloth.
Arslan also said dyeing animals sends a message to children that those animals are more of a novelty or an ornament than living creatures.
Tie-dye is being touted as the trend we're all dyeing to wear this summer so jump on that colourful bandwagon.
Cartasol[R] M Dyes: cationic dyes, suitable for dyeing mechanical and waste-based furnishes
It turns out, he adds, that a certain group of plants in Peru and Argentina are rich in flavonoid sulfates and that there's a long tradition of using these plants for dyeing textiles.
Those of us brought up on home dyeing methods with those little tins of Dylon, what seemed like a mountain of salt and a galvanised bucket boiling away on the cooker, will now be thinking, `how do they do that?