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Benninger offers a complete CPB dyeing station for knits and woven fabrics, and with this kind of dyeing allows that the reactive dye is fixed at room temperature.
When dyeing with yellow onion skins, you can steep the fabric overnight to darken the orange to more of a brown.
The dye potential of the pigment was analyzed by dyeing pure cotton fabric under normal conditions.
Bi functional reactive dyes containing monochlorotriazine and sulphatoethylsulphonic groups give excellent color values, solubility, substainity and diffusion having physical and chemical properties of dye fabric, were controlled by the chemical structure of dye and dyeing conditions.
Other applications include liquid leather dyeing on shoes, bags, garments and furniture.
Dyeing results when compared with commercial Sumifix Supra dyes of similar shades were inferior in performance.
Recent studies on wood dyeing have mainly focused on the dyeing process of veneer and paneling rather than the log itself.
Think about the difference between an individual applying dye by hand to a few skeins at a time, using multiple colors, and a machine dyeing many pounds of yarn in one batch, using only one color.
Shamey and Zhao introduce the development and application of reliable monitoring and control systems for dyeing textile fibers with a view to obtaining dyeing processes that are both economical and environmentally sound.
Solution dyeing is environmentally friendly--by combining spinning and coloring into one step, it offers energy efficiency and doesn't use water.
It requires less energy and much shorter dyeing times compared to conventional dyeing of cotton fiber, fabric or garments.
Ch'en and more shops in China that sell panda dogs didn't disclose the exact chemicals or technique they use in dyeing chow chows.