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German chemists had been at the forefront of many important scientific discoveries, and industrialists had been quick to commercially exploit those developments to manufacture pharmaceuticals, synthetics and dyestuffs.
Towards the end of the 19th century Wardle, who owned a silk dyeing and printing company, became internationally acclaimed as an expert on India's wild silks and dyestuffs.
Over the years, China has emerged as the leading global manufacturer, trader, as well as consumer of dyestuffs.
Because of the consumer restrictions and the legislations of countries that prohibit the addition of synthetic dyestuffs to animal rations and to human foods, the choice for the use of natural dyestuffs increases continuously.
60 if-then rules were created following the example: If thickness is low and roughness is middle and gloss is low and thread density is low and dyestuff concentration is very low then change of basic dyestuff concentration is middle.
Tumours of the urinary bladder in workmen engaged in the manufacture and use of certain dyestuff intermediates in the British chemical industry.
It might be imagined that production of Congo red required raw materials from Africa, or that the dyestuff was named in honor of colorful native African textiles.
He gave the example of local production of Reactive dyes which he said was a landmark in the production of dyestuff industry in Pakistan.
The main products in terms of our automation solutions consist of industrial control computer, sensors, central monitoring software, liquid chemical and salt-soda/ash dosing system, fully-automatic powder dyestuff weighing and dissolving machine systems.
Concrete additives, animal feed and dyestuff are the major applications of the lignin market.
For example, the idea that a soluble hardwood such as logwood (Haematarylum campechianum) or a vegetable dyestuff like indigo (one of the most valuable of cargoes) might survive to provide a usable and even sustainable dye, was unthinkable.