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Beyond temperature effects or bulk polymer properties, it could be hypothesized that the rate of increase of mar damage by velocity may be related to dynamic friction or film formation characteristics such as film morphology or surface roughness.
where A and B are constants specific to the dynamic friction measurement device being used.
All me results show that static motion is greater than dynamic friction, suggesting that the sheel materials will continue to slide once the initial static frictional force is overcome.
The paper presents an accurate methodology to evaluate dynamic friction forces of contacting teeth as a function of shared dynamic normal load and instantaneous friction coefficient of contacting teeth under dynamic conditions.
Measurements were made of bearing and axle wear, static and dynamic friction, and bearing operating temperature.
The friction surfaces developed for this clutch result in static friction being lower than dynamic friction, thereby cushioning suddenly applied loads.
He said: ``While Friction Dynamics can turn overnight into Dynamic Friction -and cause misery for hard- working people in Caernarfon, wouldn't I like to see Craig Smith endure some dynamic friction from the people of Caernarfon.
The most difficult boundary conditions to measure are the coefficients of static and dynamic friction between the individual components of the system.
Then finally Ray-Ran also manufactures a range of machines to test the Samples & finished products, such as the Izod or Charpy Impact Tester, Static & Dynamic Friction for films & foils, Tensile Tester for elongation or compression and the Softening point & Heat deflection with the HDT/Vicat equipment to name but a few.
We distinguish static friction (in the beginning of the movement) and dynamic friction (during the movement).

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