dynamic quality

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The mobility of the paintings underscores not only the dynamic quality of these world pictures but also their status as commodities.
She amazed seasoned global crowds from the UK to the Far East, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Australia, Philippines, Egypt, Nigeria, Tanzania, Rhodesia, Russia, Bulgaria, and the Caribbean and everywhere where dynamic quality singing is applauded.
The third dynamic quality of leadership is effectiveness.
These are then digitally filled in to bring out exceptional depth and colour, bringing a completely new dynamic quality to the drawings he produces.
Other times I give them a choice, or I'll have them do a combination slowly and then double time, so there's a constant awareness of dynamic quality.
The pace that both teams brought to the game in and around the breakdown, that dynamic quality in hitting the ruck, is where we in the northern hemisphere are still a step behind.
Certainly, the dynamic quality of the script was a contributing factor.
This book will be useful to managers responsible for production planning, quality control, dynamic quality improvement, to their staff and to product design specialists, and business analysts.
In this respect, there has been a dynamic quality inherent within NRA's structure.
Diagonally arranged concrete tiles with lozenge-shaped gaps for a grid of palm trees impart a graphic, dynamic quality to the promenade.
Ever since he joined the company four years ago, Doug Yellin has brought a special, dynamic quality and versatility to our production department,'' said Don Iwerks, chairman and co-founder of Iwerks Entertainment.
Another advantage of this pneumatological approach is that it retains the dynamic quality of being human without succumbing to some form of "human potentiality" thinking.

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