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This book uses an algebraic point of view to study partial dynamical systems, including partial actions on several categories, namely sets, topological spaces, algebras, and C*-algebras.
As well we note the intrinsic inflation epoch of the dynamical 3-space theory, which arises from the same dynamical term responsible for bore hole g anomalies, flat spiral galaxy rotation plots, black holes and cosmic filaments.
They were able to identify characteristic signals, or precursors, that trigger extreme events in high-dimensional, nonlinear dynamical systems.
All the nodes in complex dynamical networks contain parameters, the parameters of nodes and complex network all exist disturbance.
Koyama and Nakajima [KN] introduce a class of L-functions associated with complex reflections, a genreralization of the Artin-Mazur zeta functions for finite dynamical systems.
The quantum theory of gravity explains the gravitational acceleration of matter as caused by the refraction of quantum waves by the time dependence and spatial inhomogeneities of the dynamical space flow [1].
Rather than add yet another to the many good general descriptions of dynamical systems, Bollt and Santitissadeekorn draw connections between topological dynamics, symbolic dynamics, and information theory to show that these are also highly relevant to the Ulam-Galerkin representations.
4) Schenk-Hoppe discusses the role of dynamical systems theory in economics, insisting on the potential impact and usefulness of the theory of random dynamical systems for economic modeling and economic analysis.

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