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Here v(r, t) is the velocity field describing the dynamical space at a classical field level, [4], and the coordinates r give the relative location of [psi] (r, t) and v(r, t), relative to a Euclidean embedding space, and also used by an observer to locate structures.
Therefore, it may be expected that dynamical transient phenomena may be identified not only in rotating parts but also in vertical oscillations.
Contemporary discrete programmable control makes possible to improve pre-project documentation by means of the dynamical experimental simulations using mathematic-physical model.
which is a potential dynamical system of order two.
Thus, the error dynamical signal between the drive system (6) and the response system (7) is
Beside the various advantages of dynamical simulation tools, researchers must be aware of potentially incorrect results.
Section 4 contains the generalization of the von Foerster-Lasota equation and describes common asymptotic properties of two dynamical systems: basic and generalized.
In short, complex dynamical systems are self-patterning, self-regulating and commonly surprising.
The latter is termed Berry phase or more general geometric phase in contrast to the former dynamical phase [[phi].
Earthquake dynamical rupture propagation and fault interaction can be studied using cellular automaton computer models.
At present COLA has five different research programs: Dynamical Seasonal Predictability, El Nino and the Southern Oscillation, Climate Dynamics, Tropical Atlantic and Indian Oceans, and The Land Surface and Climate.

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