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Then we have a finite discrete dynamical system (X, [sigma]).
a) the semigroup dynamical system generated by positive powers of the map g : [OMEGA] [right arrow] [OMEGA], i.
In a deterministic dynamical system, the same previous cause (or set of causes) produces the same posterior effect (or set of effects).
4) Schenk-Hoppe discusses the role of dynamical systems theory in economics, insisting on the potential impact and usefulness of the theory of random dynamical systems for economic modeling and economic analysis.
which is a potential dynamical system of order two.
then the error dynamical system between the drive system (6) and the response system (7) is
Hundreds of years before the science of dynamical systems, Sterne's novel explores nonlinearity and disorderly order in a narrative that is a "reaction to the grand linear narratives of the eighteenth century" (33).
An introductory chapter outlines the basic features of chaotic dynamical systems, such as sensitive dependence on initial conditions, "folding" confinement of orbits, and fractal strange attractors.
The author's focus on continuous evolutionary models of the deterministic variety means that, with the exception of some cursory discussion of the consequences of switching from continuous to discrete formulations of dynamical systems, these modelling issues do not get addressed.
In this article we observe that pseudo-random number generators, familiar to all programmers, are derived from deterministic chaotic dynamical systems.
They are both a consequence of what we might call the complex underlying geometrical structure of the phase space of a nonlinear dynamical system.
Lagrangian and Hamiltonian dynamical systems can be formulated as special cases of dissipative dynamical system theory.

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