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The dynamically reconfigurable processor-1 development chip as unveiled was fabricated on an 8-layer aluminum (Al) process, runs at up to 133 megahertz (MHz) and integrates approximately 22 million transistors within a 696-pin TBGA package.
integrates a system for producing and managing content with a server for dynamically composing the content.
Particle size in the dynamically vulcanized blends has a pronounced effect on mechanical properties as shown by Coran and Patel.
Application-to-storage application program interfaces (APIs) from industry leaders including Microsoft are inherently supported, enabling the distributed storage clusters to dynamically respond to changes requested by the application or operating system itself.
Fusion Dynamic has announced today the general availability of its DynamicOE(R) "operating environment" for data centers -- a new class of operating software that dynamically links the key hardware and software resources in a modern data center into a flexible, adaptive, fault-tolerant, and self-healing infrastructure.
Tropos has significantly enhanced its MetroMesh OS, which is embedded in every Tropos MetroMesh router, including the ability to identify dynamically the combination of links within the mesh that forms the highest performing end-to-end data path from clients to the wired connection to the Internet, even if those links are in different frequency bands.
This ability to dynamically reuse and redeploy current IT assets lowers management costs, reduces the need for infrastructure changes and improves system failover recovery, rollout and repurposing.
It affords Unisys customers a quantum leap in enterprise computing power and economy to overcome their most critical IT challenges: increasing server asset utilization, lowering management costs and dynamically allocating computing resources to meet business needs that change in real time.
The company's award-winning Sentivist(R) security solution uniquely combines an array of powerful features including a hybrid detection engine, inline prevention, a full functional firewall, and the Dynamic Shielding Architecture(TM), NFR Security's core technology that uses situational intelligence to dynamically protect network services and assets against comprise, to deliver highly sought-after piece-of-mind security.
Locate911 dynamically provides a real-time accessible, searchable, and exportable database of IP phone's physical location, IP address, end-user contact information and the VoIP MAC address.
Anue Systems cordially invites you to stop by booth 744, where live demos of their Network Emulators will generate delays, jitter and bit errors dynamically, as they would occur on a real satellite network.

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