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This is made possible by Diamond's self-tuning capabilities that insulate applications from hardware upgrades and enable the system to dynamically adapt to changes in network and computation resources.
What the new applications do is shift the development, from flat and static web pages to dynamically composed pages.
The break-up mechanism(s) that control particle size in dynamically cured systems have not been extensively investigated.
The Mu-4000's Adaptive Analysis helps users dynamically select a lethal combination of protocol mutation attacks in conjunction with specific authentication and transport options.
In the event of a controller failure, or if the controller is removed from the cluster for maintenance, its storage requests are transparently and dynamically transferred to other controllers with no operator intervention--using the moving target feature.
WebTrends now leads the industry in delivering a solution that dynamically optimizes search marketing efforts by automatically selecting the best combinations of variables to maximize return on investment.
IT staff can dynamically update storage cluster configurations to meet specific business requirements--during business hours, without costly professional expertise or overtime charges.
IT leaders overwhelmingly agreed (88 percent) that a dynamically updated measure of state should be included as an attribute for all configuration items within a CMDB, and that this measure should go beyond indicating mere availability.
The ability to dynamically track and measure On Demand ads will attract more advertisers to On Demand and generate new revenue opportunities for operators.
Hotspot Navigation -- Easily navigate applications by touching dynamically generated hotspots
Additional servers or storage can be added dynamically while data remains accessible.
This ability to dynamically reuse and redeploy current IT assets lowers management costs, reduces the need for infrastructure changes and improves system failover recovery, rollout and repurposing.

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